On St. Lawrence Love & Predicting Doom For Mid-Level Restaurants


I’ve heard of wine and cheese pairings. I’ve even heard of beer and cheese pairings. But wine and weed pairings are certainly new to me!

Back to more traditional pairings, Brewery and The Beast goes down this Sunday, featuring a deep reservoir of local craft beer and no end of meat.

Predictions: Momofuku’s David Chang on the slow fade out of mid-level dining in favour of high-end meals or more affordable food halls.

“You’re gonna see the mom and pop restaurant in New York City not vanish completely, but it’s gonna be way more difficult,” Chang said during a panel at The New York Times Cities of Tomorrow conference in Manhattan, which featured panels on issues ranging from immigration to climate change to public art. Instead, the market will skew toward more affordable dining at food halls on the low end, and expensive, luxurious restaurants on the high end. The types of independent, one-off restaurants where dinner costs $40-$50 per person are becoming harder for restaurateurs and chefs to justify financially. “No one wants to do it anymore,” Chang said.

There’s an LGBTQ diner called Hamburger Mary’s (no relationship to our own West End greasy spoon) that is taking the US by storm, one Barbra-Q bacon cheeseburger at a time.

Looking for a summer seafood boil? New locations keep popping up all over the city, the most recent of which is The Captain’s Boil on Cambie.

You think nose-to-tale is the newest fad in minimal-waste dining? Well Oregon, Washington and Alaska are taking the movement one step further with freeway-to-table dining. Yup, roadkill.

Tacofino is set to open their fourth location and this time they’re hitting up the financial district. Looks like a really cool spot!

And speaking of tacos, The Vancouver Sun’s Mia Stainsby paid a visit to the recently opened Lucha Verde where Mexican-inspired vegetarian fare is king.

The premier may have been last night but this Game Of Thrones tasting menu is sure to be a hit for your viewing parties all season long.

Ever wonder what Eleanor Roosevelt ate for lunch or what Eva Braun enjoyed for a midday snack? Eater meets with culinary historian Laura Shapiro to discuss.

Bourbon tears: Trump’s tariff plans for the EU may have some serious consequences for US exports, starting with the American whiskey industry.

But then again, who needs bourbon when Scotland has figured out how to get their cars to run on their own whiskey?

A Wisconsin-based spice company just gave away bottles of Mexican vanilla extract in an attempt to apologize on behalf of some of the president’s more racist remarks over the past two years.

Considering the city’s time-limited summer weather, I’d consider taking advantage with evenings spent sipping and snacking on the Vij’s rooftop patio. That place is amazing.

It’s only been a few weeks since its grand opening and already St. Lawrence is receiving praise, this time from the Georgia Straight’s Gail Johnson.

Two men, a snack food company, a class action lawsuit and one big lesson in false advertising.

New York gets its very own Library of Distilled Spirits. Vancouver would definitely be cooler if we had one of these!

Eating via Instagram honours this week go to La Mezcaleria and this gorgeous ceviche flight.

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring!

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