Cheeseburgers, Beer And Freedom From Bullshit At Parallel 49


You don’t have to be long immersed in Vancouver’s food and drink scene to remember a time when mention of a food truck operating inside a brewery that you could take children to would seem a ridiculous fantasy. Perhaps in Portland, you dreamers. But here? Don’t be stupid. City Hall and the provincial government would make short work of the notion and laugh it off the permit track.

But oh how things have changed! First came shifts in regulations regarding food trucks (2010), then came the same with respect to breweries (2013). Both have flowered ever since, with the former often being found parked outside the latter. There are few better places to witness just how far we have come in just a few short years than Parallel 49 Brewing’s new inside/outside tasting room and Street Kitchen at 1950 Triumph Street, where a food truck has permanently settled inside.


Now in its second month, the operation has quickly become an idyllic spot for post-work people watching, beer drinking, and diner-inspired chomping. The menu from Chef Jason Harper is a consistently executed one of delicious and indulgent familiarities; think poutine, fish and pork belly tacos, fried chicken and waffles, excellent white cheddar cheeseburgers and so on.


Sitting with my kids at one the communal tables watching the surrounding hopheads share Mac & Cheese and szechuan-spiced cauliflower while sipping their beers (40 taps!), it feels a more natural than naughty. The place is a lively testament to the wisdom of rolling back some truly dumb rules, and I’ll drink to that, glad that I finally can.

1950 Triumph St. | 11am to midnight | Vancouver, BC | 604-558-2739 |


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  1. I think this is technically incorrect, the city didn’t have any problem with a brewery wanting to serve food; it just technically had to become a brewpub, which for all intents and purposes is what P49 has done with their location. If I recall Main St. Brewing started their retro-fit of their current location as a restaurant with a brewery attached before quickly stopping when the regulations changed. It’s nice that we have finally gotten to a point where things like this can finally exist, but this city and province are still so backwards when it comes to food and alcohol on way too many counts.

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