On Praising The New Hot Spots And A Tidal Wave Of Industry Woes


by Talia Kleinplatz | From Tacofino and The Juice Truck to Vij’s Railway Express, Vogue shares some of their favourite Vancouver food trucks.

With the US backing out of the Paris Climate Agreement, Vice takes a closer look at the potential effects on American agriculture.

On a similar note, Eater explores how the Trump administration’s immigration policy is impacting wine production in the US.

“After the Trump administration was ushered in, Washington’s grape growers, who had been hoping for more clarity and flexibility in immigration policy, are instead having to face a climate of heightened uncertainty.”

Botanist is the new fine dining kid on the block and the Vancouver Sun’s Mia Stainsby is enjoying every bite.

From financial woes and pay discrepancies to growing competition and the labour market crisis, a few big name chefs share their perspectives on the biggest challenges facing the industry today.

The curious story of a chocolate maker serving up Michelin Star quality sweets from his industrial kitchen in……wait for it……a Denmark nursing home!

While Ontario’s recent minimum wage increase is a welcome change for employees, restaurant owners believe the hike will require radical change in staffing and scheduling practices.

Food Republic pays a visit to a few of their favourite spots in Vancouver including Ask For Luigi, Kissa Tanto and The Diamond.

Acclaimed Montreal chef and restaurant owner David McMillan spills the beans on the Obama-Trudeau date night that took place at his restaurant this past week.

The Washington Post examines issues of cultural appropriation in the food industry.

Mia Stainsby pays a visit to the recently opened Fayuca in Yaletown and names it the best Latin restaurant in town.

Skip the straw! Saveur takes a closer look at the astounding amount of plastic straws used and tossed in America on a daily basis.

The Georgia Straight rounds up a list of summer food events around the city including the Richmond Night Market and YVR Food Fest.

While most college graduates are looking to enter the professional workforce, others are gunning for a chance to drive around the country in a weinermobile for a year.

Eating via Instagram honours this week go to @panda.dlights and this scrumptious looking ice cream waffle taco from Rain or Shine.

Looking for work in the local restaurant industry? Check out who’s hiring!

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