New Tempranillo Eatery Adds Iberian Allure To The Magic Of Vancouver’s Gastown


The GOODS from Tempranillo

Vancouver, BC | The newly launched Tempranillo in Gastown offers authentic Spanish and Spanish-inspired food and drinks Tuesday through Saturday, from 5 pm to 12 am. We serve raciones – think bigger than tapas – big enough to be shared amongst several friends or enjoyed alone as a meal. This is the real stuff, inspired by chef-owner William Robitaille’s travels and work in Spain, and Manager/wine guy Ben De Champlain’s decades of serving (and sampling) wines, sherries, ciders and beer. Our menu has been 10 years in the making, and filled with the things we get excited about eating and drinking.

Tempranillo brings the allure of Spain to Vancouver’s already magical Gastown, to create a place where good food and drink is a given and where you’re at home whether you’re on your own or with a crowd. From Pa amb tomaquet bread plate to baby eels, and a range of wines from simple to complex, we serve mouth-watering food and delectable drinks in a warm and inviting atmosphere. We’re open for dinner only, 5 nights a week; with buyouts for private functions on request. Co-owned by William Robitaille and Scott McTavish.

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