Longtail Kitchen’s Curry With Prawns & Pepper Squid


by Michelle Sproule | You know what’s awesome on a perfectly sunny and breezy day? Sitting outside Longtail Kitchen at one of the patio tables (at New Westminster’s River Market) and going to town on chef Justin Cheung’s deeply flavourful, lip-tingling yellow curry with prawns. The stuff looks, smells and tastes like an exotic summer adventure. Bring a friend and share the hell out of it with some palate-feisty pepper squid and then mop the rice studded remains up with freshly hand-pulled roti — an affordable (not to mention Skytrain-accessible) holiday on a tray! Extra marks for larger appetites: the wings…my god, the wings!

Longtail Kitchen | 810 Quayside Dr #116, New Westminster, BC | 604-553-3855 | www.longtailkitchen.com

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