On Mowing Tornadoes And Paying Restaurant Workers A Little More


by Sean Orr | Oh, hey! It’s only the single most threatening thing to the human race: Trudeau tells Trump Canada is disappointed by withdrawal from Paris climate deal. “I’m a little ticked off to be honest, sorry for the harsh words”.

Of course, his condemnation is simply hollow, virtue signalling when moments later he reiterated his support for the Kinder Morgan pipeline and repeated his criticisms of the soon-to-be government of BC.

I guess that’s one positive of Trump’s complete misunderstanding of the Paris Agreement. It forces our Prime Minister to play his cards: Can Trump Make Trudeau Put His Money Where His Mouth Is?

Even more relevant: Antony Hegarty’s 4 Degrees: a climate change anthem for our doomed planet. Scream this at the top of your lungs.

Dis of the day:

Runner up:

In the wake of the most photo opportunistic Premiers of all time, Charlie Smith thinks the director of the Weaver-Horgan show should ramp up central characters’ humility. Hmm, maybe they should have written the word ‘humble’ on a scrap piece of paper to remind themselves.

Whereas Clark has suddenly donned a cloak of humility in this drama, recognizing that the end of this first act is near, Weaver and Horgan are coming across on TV like two guys who’ve won the Stanley Cup. Act 2 hasn’t even begun.

Yeah, how dare they celebrate making North American history?

The director of this show should have screamed “cut” two days ago and instructed them to play their roles with far more modesty and a much more reserved demeanour. Less PK Subban and more Barack Obama.

Whoa! Wait…what? Maybe Smith is just out of his element there, but that is one hell of a tone-deaf comment (at best). What does he want? Adrian Dix?

Get ready for an onslaught of corporate media trotting out the myth that an increase in minimum wage will destroy the economy: How a $15 minimum wage could impact B.C.’s economy. How dare you ask to be a little less poor!

Corporate/chain restaurant flunky Ian Tostenson perpetuates these myths while at the same time lamenting the closing of local restaurants (not realizing that putting money in the pockets of low wage workers would only improve the local economy).

Nailed it: “if you can’t afford to be in business paying people $15/hour, you probably shouldn’t be in business” – Christopher Langmuir.

Related 1: A Paramedic Who Makes $15 An Hour Is Going Viral For His Response To The Raise The Wage Campaign.

Related 2: But if we raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, how will I know that I’m better than my fellow man?

Related 3: How Neoliberals and Conservatives Came Together to Undo the Welfare State.

Five Things to Know: Balmoral ‘evacuated,’ Vancouver behind on green goals, seal pups rescued. Look! The Sun is doing a local news round-up called Five Things to Know complete with snarky lines like “you say tomato, I say eviction”. I’m not bitter…

The worst part of the Balmoral eviction is that the City of Vancouver has known about this since 2008: A City Soft on ‘Slumlords’. For shame.

Crowdfunding of the year: Help This Brave Gentrifier Family!!

What kind of world do we live in where a family with two gainfully-employed adults who own a downtown condo and a two-bedroom house (and also an island cottage) (and also a vacation property in Mexico) are reduced to selling their condo to finance their three-storey Parkdale detached home on a corner lot?

Langley of the day: Being LGBTQ is a choice, say parents who packed Langley school board meeting. Right, because ending discrimination equals “celebrating a lifestyle”. Fuck right off.

Richmond of the day: Photo of woman cleaning bumper with gas pump goes viral.

Alberta of the day: Man who mowed lawn with tornado behind him says he ‘was keeping an eye on it.’

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