On Rising Restaurant Rents, Superior Gin And State-Run Weirdness


by Talia Kleinplatz | The new chef memoir by Barbara Lynch is being touted by Eater as one of the best in years.

Thinking of heading south of the border this summer? Scout rounds up some great places to eat and drink in Portland.

What gives? Why does Victoria get a Superbaba but Vancouver doesn’t? Sniff.

Health nuts rejoice! A local company has created sticky quinoa to replace the rice in your next sushi order.

Saveur shares their picks for some of the best bottles of gin on the market just in time for Negroni Week!

Scout’s Shaun Layton sits down with Mosquito bartender Olivia Povarchook to talk about her biggest fears, favourite local chefs and guilty pleasures.

With a rapidly growing population, China looks to agricultural innovation to avoid a looming food shortage.

Can you believe it’s already been five years since The Acorn was first announced? Take a look back inside when construction on the now celebrated space was just getting underway.

Look out Noma! Copenhagen’s 108 is grabbing the attention of food critics worldwide.

Hey big spender! Here’s a list of the 18 most expensive cities in the world to go out for dinner including Toronto at number 16 and Zurich weighing in at number 1.

The curious, glowstick-filled experience of one journalist who ate at a North Korean state-run restaurant in China.

An ambitious undertaking for a family-owned space in Chinatown, the 7,500 square foot spot at 276 East Pender is set to reopen as a dining room/rooftop lounge/noodle bar in 2018.

CN Traveler pays a visit to Vancouver and shares some of their favourite spots in the Fraserhood, including Savio Volpe, Bows X Arrows and Crowbar.

A closer look at how the Kamloops food bank has diverted more than $5 million worth of food from landfills and redistributed it to residents in need.

Skyrocketing rental prices are forcing even high end restaurants to close up shop and find new locations.

A change in ownership at Beaucoup Bakery as long-time head pastry chef Betty Hung and her brother Jacky take over the reins.

Eating via Instagram honours this week go to @oh_sweet_day and these gorgeous homemade ice cream sandwiches!

Looking for work in the local restaurant industry? Check out who’s hiring.

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