Local Musician Louise Burns Reveals The Albums Behind Her Tastes


Photo: Jennilee Marigomen

by Thalia Stopa | Definitive Records asks interesting Vancouverites to reach deep inside their souls to pull out the three albums anchoring their musical tastes. Today we hear from local musician Louise Burns. The award-winning multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter has been making music since she was a mere tween. Her third solo album, Young Mopes, was released this February.

The Cure – Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me

“I have some pretty nostalgic Vancouver memories attached to this record. At 19 I was living here part time and discovered the Marble Arch during it’s dance club heyday. I’d go every week to the new wave/goth night, drink CRANBERRY VODKAS (gross) with my bestie Kesi, and awkward-dance. I’d then go home, slip this record into my discman and fall asleep to it. Teenage feelings. Also, it’s my #1 bass-playing inspiration.”

Love – Forever Changes

“I have ‘Alone Again Or’ tattooed on my arm, so I guess I’m tied to this record for life. That’s ok, because I still think it is one of the greatest. Though I was just a piece of dark matter floating in space in the year of 1967, I like to think this record captured that era well, giving us a bit of hippy weirdo shit but also a looming darkness. To me, it’s a reminder that even when you’re living in a idyllic niche-culture bubble, the world could still end at any moment – which is dark but you know… kind of funny?”

Kate Bush – Hounds Of Love

“I feel like my internet presence is really Kate Bush-centric, so as I write this I can literally see some of my friends rolling their eyes at me. Kate Bush IS pop music. She was arguably the first pop star as we see them now, but what makes her untouchable is that she was also a killer producer and songwriter. It didn’t take a team of 15 men to produce a hit for her. THAT is inspiring. A lot of my all time favourite records would not have been made had it not been for Kate Bush, so yeah… She’s an icon. ”



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  1. >. She was arguably the first pop star as we see them now

    I’m assuming Louise Burns has not heard of Phil Collins, Paul McCartney or Michael Jackson.

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