Vancouver Would Be Cooler If It Had A Watery Black Hole On W. Georgia Street


The point of VWBCI is to open local minds to outside practices, concepts, and ideas that might stand to improve our greater civic situation in a parallel universe where coolness was valued more than practicality and funds spent on public works of art were raised by way of a special NIMBY tax levied against rich, self-absorbed assholes.


(via) This month the people of Brooklyn, New York are going to be treated to a cool art installation by Anish Kapoor that we think would do Vancouverites well to witness. “Descension” is a mesmerizing, non-stop funnel of swirling black water resembling a black hole into which all those who behold it feel compelled to contemplatively stare. The installation in Brooklyn will see the ominous whirlpool enclosed by a railing, but we much prefer the look of it without any protection at all. If we could put it anywhere in Vancouver, we’d want to see it installed some place where personal introspection might prove poignant like…say…the West Georgia sidewalk outside Trump Tower.

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  1. This would fit great just outside Vancouver City Hall you know like where the new bike lane is going, like a cool water feature for the hordes of cyclists that will be using the new lane.

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