On Industry Wellness & Not Having Bars In Our Apartment Buildings


by Talia Kleinplatz | Acclaimed PDT barman Jim Meehan is set to open a new joint in Chicago. Prairie School, which takes inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright’s prairie-style architecture, will occupy half of a 9,000 square foot space on Chicago’s Fulton Market strip.

Forget gluten-free. Apparently we should now have a deep seeded fear of many vegetables and whole grains as one scientist asserts that Lectin is the actual cause of recent increases in food sensitivities.

On the 11th floor of a residential apartment building in Beijing you can pull up a seat at one of the best cocktail bars in the city.

Scout rounds up a list of the best work-friendly cafes across the city and you can weigh in on some of your favourites.

From Detroit to Vegas and New York to Philly, The Washington Post goes on the hunt for the best dive bars across America.

A few folks are channeling their Trump-based outrage into food-based art. Some of the Donald-inspired creations are pretty incredible.

With spring cocktail season in full swing Shaun Layton returns with the 12th installment of How To Build Your Own Bar and a recipe for a rad warm weather sipper.

An Australian milk company believes you may not be lactose intolerant asserting that a certain strain of beta-casein may be the actual culprit for symptoms rather than lactose itself.

After staging at two world-renowned restaurants in Spain and working at notable BC spots including The Wickanninish and Chambar, Jane Copeland has opened her own breakfast spot in North Van.

A list of recent West End closures and openings over the past few months. While we’ve lost Lolita’s and West Valley Market we have gained Peaked Pies, Cacao 70 and La Churreria. Plus Lucha Verde is getting close to launch.

NPR takes a closer look at the wellness needs of restaurant workers and the many ways that servers, chefs and bartenders struggle to have these needs met in an industry that often lacks extended benefits or paid sick days.

A New York based chef training program aims to provide jobs for ex-cons and reduce rates of recidivism and incarceration.

The short-lived Unicorn Frappucino from Starbucks is back in the news after a Brooklyn cafe decides to sue the company over unicorn-based trademark infringement.

With summer just around their corner, the staff at SAVEUR shares their picks for favourite ice cream flavours.

A speaking of ice cream, a serious mix up has Ben and Jerry’s recalling a selection of their frozen desserts as some mistakenly packed treats may contain peanuts without proper labeling.

New York’s Mazeish Grill hosts a Displaced Dinner Series inviting refugee chefs to come and cook while sharing their stories with guests.

Eating via Instagram honours this week go to @trishaeats and all of the spring-inspired doughnuts.

Looking for work in Vancouver’s restaurant industry? Check out who’s hiring!

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