Next Chapter Of Wildebeest’s Beer Dinner Series To See ‘The Battle Of The Burbs’


The GOODS from Wildebeest

Vancouver, BC | It’s almost summertime and Wildebeest is welcoming in the season with another exciting edition of our outstanding beer dinners for your eating & drinking pleasure! On May 16th we’ll be showcasing two of our favourite breweries from outside the city – Dageraad from Burnaby and Steel & Oak from New Westminster. Both breweries have secured their spot among the top brewing talent in British Columbia and we aim to showcase their amazing beer through our carefully selected head-to-head pairings.

Dageraad Brewing defied all logic by brewing only Belgian-style beers. Other breweries have tried, with varying degrees of success, to produce these styles of beer in individual batches, but no one expected that a brewery in BC could focus exclusively on Belgian beer and be successful. While the brewery may be a bit out of the way for some, it is indeed a hidden gem, well worth the train or bus ride out to Burnaby for their beer. Dageraad is singular in Vancouver, with no other brewery coming close to creating these styles with such quality, consistency, and attention to detail.

Steel & Oak Brewing Co. embodies the modernness of today while remaining dedicated to the craftsmanship of years long past. Materials of strength and durability, steel and oak; house protect and nurture what we stand for most – exceptional tasting craft beer. Using a mixture of North American, English and German brewing styles, techniques and ingredients, Steel & Oak explores new beer styles while constantly refining and perfecting the classics. Always unfiltered, unpasteurized and made with the finest ingredients, Steel & Oak proudly returns the noble tradition of brewing quality beer to New Westminster.

Tickets are $85 including tax and gratuity.


120 West Hastings Street | Vancouver, BC
Telephone: 604-687-6880
Web: | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
Open for dinner service nightly from 5pm to midnight (including 5-6pm Happy Hour)
Weekend brunch from 10am to 2pm


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The People


Josh Pape: Owner/Operator
James Iranzad: Owner/Operator
Alessandra Vianello: Executive Chef

About Wildebeest

Wildebeest invites you to experience unabashedly adventurous, yet simple cooking at its finest set against the history of the Vancouver neighbourhood of Gastown. Explore whole-animal cookery paired with a diverse selection of Old and New World wines and a carefully crafted cocktail list. Set in a refurbished 19th century building, the multi-level space offers a front house cocktail bar & lounge, open-concept kitchen complete with large kitchen tables, an inviting dining room with banquette seating, and an intimately-set underground wine bar.

The gastronomically daring menu focuses on whole-animal cookery prepared with the utmost integrity. Each and every component has been thoughtfully nurtured by the restaurant’s executive chef, Pekka Tavela, from field to finish.  Working closely with surrounding farms and farmers to raise animals and grow custom produce, the team at Wildebeest has crafted a menu unlike anything yet explored in Vancouver.

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