On Political Nightmares And Baller Baby Boomers Ruling The Afterlife


by Sean Orr | Low information voters: Here’s What You Need to Know About BC’s Election. “We’re frankly going to embarrass ourselves if we walk into that English final and/or voting booth on May 9 without at least attempting to understand what the hell has been going on outside of our own dimly-lit basement suites”. Unfortunately, most of the electorate doesn’t read Vice.com, or even Scout Magazine for that matter (what is their problem?) Imma let my man Bertol have a go at this one:

Drain the swamp: Why This Election Should Be About Corruption. So, dear readers, if you actually do know some undecided voters, and apparently there are a lot, show them this article.

I mean, are there people who actually think that the BC Liberals are, you know, liberalCBC News stops and explains to viewers that Christy Clark’s BC Liberals are actually Conservatives.

Or that the Greens are actually a far left party like this Vote Compass quiz positions them as. I should know. I ran for them. And although they may have shifted left since 2005, they still have voted with the BC Liberals on many contentious bills, and have historically positioned themselves as fiscally conservative libertarians.

Just read about this teacher’s “meeting” with Green leader Andrew Weaver: “Weaver had dominated the meeting with angry assertions and personal feelings about teachers, the GVTA, and the BCTF, and allowed very little space for them to respond or ask questions. He paid only slight attention to policy and showed very little interest in hearing from O’Connor and Tosczak about teachers’ experience in public education”.

Still not convinced? I’ve been to the mountaintop!’: B.C. Green candidate awkwardly re-enacts famous MLK speech. Politics…it’s a hell of a drug.

Besides, blocking people’s commutes is just rude: Some frustrated commuters blame political supporters for badly congested bridge.

This is more ruder Green Party candidate outed on TV news broadcast. Whether or not the intent was malicious, Jill Krop should resign. Again.

B.C. Liberals’ election platform gives little attention to the fentanyl crisis despite deaths continuing to soar. I guess it could be worse. They could be going full creep.


5 stylistic things that John Horgan is doing differently than Adrian Dix on the campaign trail. “He’s appealing to jocks, some of whom might be uncomfortable with a female premier”. What a terrifying thought. We are depending on bros to save our province. Smash the patriarchy! You just need the patriarchy’s help to smash it.

They’re on to us: BC Liberal candidate: guaranteeing homeless people have homes sounds like communism. Best comment: “I’m sure that the People’s Republic of Utah will appreciate the praise” – Nicole Joliet.

Meanwhile, Multi-millionaire developer pouts about “Class Warfare” on twitter, twitter rejoices. Bring it on, Beedie. Bring it on.

Related Facebook event of the day: Launch the Tenants Union.

Satire of the day: Millennials turn to grave robbing as more Baby Boomers storing wealth in pyramids for afterlife.

Bonus: Monkmania: Canadian University Challenge contestant goes viral.

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  1. Sean, you speak like you are engaged in war; like a latter day guerrilla freedom fighter; no rules or principles just a lust for power. Are you a closet politician?

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