Hummus In Delicious Variety At South Granville’s ‘Jamjar’


by Andrew Morrison | Hummus is something that I grew up with in my household and it’s something that I now regularly feed my own children. You set yourself up for few surprises when you dig into a dish with a recipe that is almost a thousand years old. And yet, every time I go to Jamjar, I feel like I’m taking my first steps into a larger world. Both locations do a hummus trio that totally goes off the beaten path of basic chickpeas, garlic, lemon and tahini, fiddling about in ways that some might consider very odd indeed. To date, I’ve seen pomegranate rosewater, tomato zaatar, fig and mint, chermoula, caramelized red onion and leek, even pumpkin with honey. On my most recent visit to the South Granville location, my family tucked into spiced chocolate hummus and one heavily spiked with olive (pictured above) in addition to the classic, which remains my favourite. (I think it could use more garlic, but if it did it would more than likely overwhelm the other flavours in the trio, so it’s maybe wise of them to go lightly.) Personal favourites aside, the hummus trio is invariably an experience, and at $12 it’s an accessible one at that. If you haven’t been to the new address yet (formerly Rangoli), take a look the photos below…

  • IMG_8711
  • IMG_8715
  • IMG_8716
  • IMG_8728
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  • IMG_8739
  • IMG_8736
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