On The Trouble With Legal Weed & Banning Kids From Fine Dining


by Talia Kleinplatz | With Canada looking to legalize recreational marijuana next year, we should look to the US state of Colorado to see how the change has possibly impacted the restaurant industry.

Farmer’s Apprentice’ David Gunawan on the three albums that anchor his musical taste (Portishead for the win!).

A scathing review from a UK-based food critic of one of the most acclaimed restaurants in Paris is getting quite the pushback from French media.

Time to pull your eating dress out of storage! YVR Food Fest is just around the corner and the multi-day event over Canada Day long weekend will feature a speaker series, a record-breaking brunch and the Street Food Showdown.

Scout’s Ken Tsui hits the nail on the head again in this week’s edition of Never Heard Of It with an incredible bowl of soup from Molli Cafe.

Venezuelans seeking asylum in Canada have more than doubled over the past year in the face the country’s food crisis and economic instability.

Should there be a minimum age requirement for fine dining establishments? This mother and former server argues in favour of a child ban at upscale restaurants.

As the culinary world prepares itself to say goodbye to Lucky Peach, Eater takes a closer look at the artwork that truly set the magazine apart.

Researchers have just found a new use for your discarded eggshells and tomatoes and if they have their way, you’ll be driving on your food waste in the very near future.

Now that Gorsuch has been confirmed, he will be taking on all the important duties of the newest member of the supreme court, including cafeteria duty.

Bishop’s pays homage to local artist Alan Wood as the painter’s works will hang in the Kitsilano restaurant until June.

From wine-fueled adventures to a modern culinary history of the American South, Bon Appetit shares a few recommendations for food-filled reading this spring.

Mia Stainsby shares her mixed feelings about the recently opened second edition of Jamjar in South Granville.

In a follow-up to last week’s announcement of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, acclaimed chef Grant Achatz will be developing a tasting menu at his Chicago restaurant that will pay tribute to many of the top-ranked spots on the list.

And speaking of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, Eater takes a closer look at the unpaid labour force without which many of these prestigious restaurants couldn’t function.

History in the making…food history that is! Repast is the first ever food history magazine and the folks behind the new project are seeking support to get their inaugural edition to the newsstand.

The New York Times put a call out to Canadian diners to share some of their favourite spots to eat across the country. We responded in droves.

Eating via Instagram honours this week go to Trudy Tran and a gorgeous, spring-inspired breakfast bowl.

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring!

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