Ten Things That You Should Absolutely Do Between Now And Next Week


by Michelle Sproule | The main objective of this website is to scout out and promote the things that make Vancouver such a sweet place to be. We do this with an emphasis on the city’s independent spirit to foster a sense of connectedness within and between our communities, and to introduce our readers to the people who grow and cook our food, play the raddest tunes in our better venues, create our most interesting art, and design everything from what we wear to the spaces we inhabit. The Scout List is our carefully considered, first rate agenda of super awesome things that we’re either doing, wishing that we could do, or conspiring to do this week, from our calendar to yours!

ART | This is the last week to catch Vancouver Special: Ambivalent Pleasures at the Vancouver Art Gallery. This exhibition features 250 works by 40 artists, each of whom live in, practice in or have a strong connection to British Columbia. Take a bit of time out to wander the gallery and reflect. This week the VAG also presents a Visiting Curators Talk: “Visiting curators Cosmin Costinas, Para Site (Hong Kong); Peter Eleey, MoMA PS1 (New York); and Sunghee Lee, Art Space Pool (Seoul) give short talks on their curatorial interests and upcoming projects, followed by questions from the audience” Three curators at an offsite lecture and 250 works of art? That’s a lot of ground to cover! Lucky thing there’s an extra day on your weekend to help you take it all in.
LECTURE | Thu, Apr. 13 | 6pm | 6th floor, Shangri La Hotel (1128 W. Georgia St.) | DETAILS
EXHIBITION | Now – Apr. 17 | 10am – 5pm | 750 Hornby St. | $24 | DETAILS

MAKE | The newly formed (and exceedingly awesome) East Van Arts & Culture Society presents a spring detox herbal medicine workshop at The Ellis Building this week. Clear a little space on your calendar on Thursday night to join nutritionist Erin Levine for a two hour class that will cover which herbs support detox, boost energy, aid digestion and help with good skin health. Attendees will also hear about the importance of ritual and self-care, learn a few tips and tricks, and leave with a herbal medicine starter kit (as well as a tincture and tea made during the workshop).
Thu, Apr. 13 | 6-8pm | The Ellis Building (1024 Main St.) $85 | DETAILS

CONCERT | There are still tickets available for Snoop Dogg’s gig at Rogers Arena this Friday. Even if he isn’t a big fan of our border security it’s great to have him back. “On the eastside, that’s the crew I choose. Nothin’ I do is new to you. I smack up the world if they rude to you.”
Fri, Apr. 14 | 8pm | Rogers Arena | $70-$345 | DETAILS

LEARN | Chef Robin Kort (Swallow Tail Culinary Adventures) is going to be out at UBC Farm on Saturday teaching a workshop on foraging goodies. Kort has been running wild mushroom foraging trips and cooking classes for years – she knows whereof she speaks and she’ll shoot some quality information in your direction. From UBC: “How would you survive in winter without a grocery store? Chef Robin Kort will teach you how to find winter treasures; food like winter mushrooms, edible trees, roots and seaweeds that you can find under the snow, in our forests, meadows and by the sea.” Participants will get schooled on how to find, identify and prepare edible plants.
Sat, Apr. 15 | 1-3pm | UBC Farm (3461 Ross Dr.) | $35 | DETAILS

MOVIES | The Rio Theatre is bookending the long weekend nicely. The fun starts with Japanese fantasy anime, Hayao Miyazaki-style (Spirited Away plays on Friday afternoon at 4pm), and continues with 8 Mile (Friday at 11pm). Monty Python’s Life of Brian follows (Sunday at 8:45 pm) with David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive not far behind (Monday night). The line-up includes a little bit of everything. Grab a seat, stay out of the rain and float away for a few hours.
Fri, Apr. 14 – Mon, Apr. 17 | Various times | Rio Theatre (1660 East Broadway) | $12 | DETAILS

GOOD TIMES | Do something a little different with your Saturday. Consider Afternoon Delight: A Comedy Brunch at the Lido. Expect tasty food paired with sketch, stand-up and improv comedy midday on a long weekend. Perfection, right? The menu includes kraut and smoked cheese quiche with fermented roasted spuds ($10); fresh sourdough with avocado, poached eggs, salad, and smoked carrots ($10); and fresh yogurt with granola ($5). Get there early to score the good seats (19 + only).
Sat, Apr. 15 | Brunch 1-3pm | Comedy, 2-4pm | The Lido (518 East Broadway) | DETAILS

SHROOMS | The Still Moon Arts Society is holding a two-part, hands-on Mycology workshop at Renfrew Ravine this spring and part one goes down this holiday Monday. As event organizers explain, the first workshop – Intro to Mushrooms in the Ravine – takes a look at the life cycle of a mushroom, the importance of fungi in the ecosystem, and the types of mushrooms that exist around Still Creek at Renfrew Ravine. Part-two (May 7) involves introducing native fungi species to the Ravine in order to strengthen the ecosystem. This is a kid-friendly event. Think of it as an outdoor and totally engaged science lab. Rad, right?
Mon, Apr. 17 | 4-6pm | Renfrew Ravine (3900 Renfrew St.) | Free for kids, $5 for adults | DETAILS

DRAMA | Take a trip out to the charming Jericho Arts Centre for a quick drama fix via The Train Driver by Athol Fugard. From the theatre: “Roelf, a train driver, has spent weeks searching for the identities of a mother and child he unintentionally killed with his train on the track between Philippi and Nyanga on South Africa’s Cape Flats. After a fruitless journey through shanty towns, he encounters an old gravedigger named Simon who helps the desperate man unburden his conscience. Based on a true story, Athol Fugard’s beautiful and haunting The Train Driver is a soulful exploration of guilt, suffering, redemption, and the powerful bonds that grow between strangers.”
Apr. 13, 14, 15, 16 | 8-10pm | Jericho Arts Centre (1675 Discovery St.) | $20-24 | DETAILS

GET OUTSIDE | Let’s just say it: the weather has been pretty sucky and it’s not looking like it’s going to improve just because it’s a long weekend. BUT, there is a chance that the sun may come out on Sunday (don’t worry, I knocked on wood after I wrote that — you should too after reading it). If that happens, drop everything and get outside, because it’s not likely it will stick. Hit a beach, take a hike. You know the drill: Jericho, Kits, Endowment Lands or the Stanley Park seawall. And keep in mind that the ground will be soggy and the mud will be fresh; this is not time to break out new kicks so play safe and wear your old gumboots.

RELAX | Again, this is a long weekend, so plan to kick back some. Plan brunch with family or friends, clean the garage – whatever it is that you’ve been meaning to get to but couldn’t manage to fit into the skimpy two day weekends of yore. We also recommend you take yourself out for a Spring Cocktail, for a fine list of some of Vancouver’s better options, have a look here.


late-may-2009-169Michelle Sproule grew up in Kitsilano and attended University in Australia and Victoria before receiving her graduate degree in Information Sciences from The University of Toronto. She lives in beautiful Strathcona and enjoys wandering aimlessly through the city’s streets with her best friend – a beat up, sticky, grimy (but faithful) camera.

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