2nd Annual Spring Edition Of ‘Queers & Beers’ Set For The Cobalt On April 9


Peanut butter and jelly; wine and cheese — these are just two cliche examples of pairings so firmly entrenched in the English vocabulary that it’s almost impossible to say one without implying the other. A less stereotypical duo that is firmly implanting itself in Vancouver’s cultural vernacular: Queers & Beers! The second annual spring edition of the popular Cobalt event is just around the corner, on April 9th. This is your chance to commingle with friends and fellow queers, with the exciting added lubrication of six local craft breweries offering 24 taps, plus special casks. Quash spring fever and quench your thirst with Toonie tasters from Doan’s, Four Winds, Faculty, Strange Fellows, Off The Rail and Yellow Dog. BODYPARTY are providing a soundtrack of cool, retro tunes and the Cobalt’s legendary parking lot patio will be open,with Disco Cheetah and Melt City slinging snacks out back. Entry is on a $7 to $15 sliding scale and includes two free tasters if purchased in advance. And since the days are only getting longer, why not come for the beer and stay for the show?


As an added bonus, all attendees of Queers & Beers get free access to Amateur Hour of the long-running queer variety show and dance night, Man Up.

Sunday, April 9th | 5pm-10pm | The Cobalt (917 Main St.) | $7-$15 | Q&B Details | Man-Up Details


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