Chez Christophe Unveils Line-Up Of New Easter Treats To Help Benefit BC SPCA


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Burnaby, BC | Starting March 18, 2017 a brigade of bunnies is hopping over to Burnaby Height’s Chez Christophe Chocolaterie Patisserie (4717 Hastings Street) to ensure chocolate is the only kind of rabbit being gifted during Easter.

Pastry chef and owner Christophe Bonzon makes it an easy choice with his new, and definitely adorable, line-up of edible chocolate art including farmyard classics and five new bunnies: a royal guard, chef, carrot, hockey player, and lumberjack.

“Rabbits are definitely an Easter icon,” explains Bonzon. “Because of this, we decided to create a number of chocolate bunnies with different personalities and characters. It was definitely fun for my team to be imaginative and creative, which is the best part of being a chocolatier. We hope to see our bunnies hopping around the city!”

Three of the new chocolate bunnies celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary with its Canadiana features: En Guard ($24.95) which resembles a royal guard, a take on last year’s popular Eggmont the Mountie; a hockey playing Roger Canuck ($32.95); and Lucien Le Lapin ($36.95), a lumberjack with an axe.

Children and adults alike may also want to bring chef Rabbitouille ($24.95) into their homes or the carrot-costumed “What’s up, Doc?” ($29.95). The chocolate sculptures are hollow and filled with chocolate truffles inside.

Chez Christophe has also partnered with the BC SPCA this season to spread the “make mine chocolate” message during Easter. Two dollars from each Rabbitouille chocolate bunny sold will be donated to the BC SPCA. Customers can also purchase a $2 raffle to win an extra-large chocolate bunny, with all proceeds going towards the BC SPCA. And, 5 per cent from Good Friday sales will be donated.

“Often people purchase live bunnies for their children as Easter gifts without thinking about the long-term commitment required for the life-long care of the animal," says Lorie Chortyk, BC SPCA general manager of community relations. “If you are not ready for the decade-long responsibility of caring for a rabbit we encourage you to consider giving stuffed or chocolate bunnies as Easter gifts instead.”

Other Easter treats include hens in the Farmyard Friends ($19.95) collection, a bunny-shaped dessert, as well as spring cakes. All Easter items are available from March 18 to April 16, 2017. Pre-orders welcome.

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Key People


Christophe Bonzon, Co-Owner & Executive Pastry Chef
Jess Bonzon, Co-Owner

About Chez Christophe


The story of Chez Christophe is a story of love and passion – your Artisans love for sharing his creations and a little bit of his Swiss origins by introducing you to a small taste of Switzerland. Christophe Bonzon discovered chocolate at the age of ten when he was helping his mother make chocolate truffles as a gift for Christmas. Since then the passion for sweet food never left him. Christophe is a Swiss trained “Confectioner” or in more familiar terms Pastry Chef/Chocolatier. Alongside chocolate another of his passions is creating artistic sculptures with sugar. For the meticulous Christophe, his art lies in “the freedom of creativity and my passion for creating artistic sculptures with sugar and chocolate – the opportunities to transform are endless.”

Christophe’s resumé is studded with a decade full of intense apprenticeships and coursework in the fine art of pastry and chocolate, both in his native Switzerland and in France. Amongst many other institutions he has studied under some of Europe’s grand masters at Zurich’s Chocolate Academy, and at l’Ecole du Grand Chocolat Valrhona in France. Various professional postings followed, including as pastry chef at Confectionary Schneider in Switzerland, followed by Choux Cafe in Western Australia. Christophe worked as an Executive Pastry Chef at one of the finest French Pastry Shops in Perth.

More recently Christophe was the Executive Pastry Chef at the award-winning CinCin Restorante in Vancouver, Canada. Christophe is a firm believer that you are constantly learning throughout your life for the learning curve never ends.

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