On Therapy For Chefs And Terrible Reviews For Trump’s Restaurants


by Talia Kleinplatz | Smart: Quebec is the first province in Canada to launch a Supermarket Recovery Program wherein unused produce will be sent to local food banks.

Some very helpful tips from cocktail blogger Elliott Clark on mastering the art of the home bar.

Closer to home, Vancouver’s own Shaun Layton has been teaching us how to do this on Scout for a couple of years now, five bottles and one drink at a time.

Chef Angus An has a new restaurant in the works. Sen Pad Thai opens on Granville Island next month.

And in case you wanted to ogle some pretty photos of drinks instead of making them yourself, Imbibe shares a few of their favourite winter cocktail pics.

Simplicity and quality are the focus of the recently released Mixing In The Right Circles At Balthazar – a new cocktail book from acclaimed London barman Brian Silva.

The Straight’s Industry Insider survey results are in and Kissa Tanto is topping the list with nods for Best New Restaurant and Best Chef. Other spots getting some love from local food experts include Ask For Luigi, Savio Volpe and L’Abattoir.

Mia Stainsby hits up Damso on Bute for some fried chicken and tacos with a Korean twist. With two locations to choose from and another on the way, this local favourite is a must try.

A roundup of some of the best Happy Hour deals around town including half price sweetbreads at L’Abattoir and $5 scotch eggs at The Pourhouse.

In case you missed it, there’s a cool kombucha tasting bar opening soon near Olympic Village.

I knew I liked ice cream for a reason: Ben and Jerry’s CEO is taking a stand against the Trump Travel Ban and calling on other business owners to do the same.

And speaking of ice cream and the Cheeto President, one scoop shop in Cleveland is serving up their cones with a side of activism.

In honour of International Women’s Day last week, SAVEUR rounded up some of their favourite stories written by women about women in the food/hospitality trades.

In a headline pulled straight from a heist movie, the owner of breakfast chain Cora’s was kidnapped for ransom this week in Quebec.

This one’s on us! Bon Appetit’s Michael Park takes a stroll down memory as he explores the evolution of the buy back and why the century old tradition is slowly disappearing.

While the head of the EPA is attempting to cast doubt on climate change, scientists continue to warn the public about its very real effects on the world’s food supply.

And speaking of food supply, scientists continue to search for sustainable solutions to food shortages in the face of climate change, including an innovative vertical farming project.

Finally! A use for Yelp I can get behind: Critics of the 45th president are flocking to the website to give Trump restaurants a never ending stream of bad reviews.

Wow: A three-michelin star restaurant in Spain hires a psychologist to meet with their team weekly to deal with the stress and anxiety of being at the very top of the fine-dining game.

Eater rounds up their picks for the best cookbooks set for release this spring, including a second book by the folks behind San Francisco’s award-winning Tartine.

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring!

Drinking via Instagram honours this week go to The Hotel Georgia and this lovely Gin and Tonic from the folks at Prohibition:

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