Film Foretold Danger Of Trump’s Populism In 1947

Don’t Be A Sucker was produced in 1947 by the US War Department. Using the spectre of Nazi Germany as a parable, it artfully warned Americans of the day about the genuine dangers of populism, showing how dangerous it would be to allow scapegoating politicians to divide their own citizenry into ‘groups’ with differing degrees of value to the state, making it all the more eerily poignant today with the ascension of Lord Hairdo, the Cheeto Jesus.

“Now they were split into rival groups, suspicious of each other, hating each other. They were being swindled, all of them. But the man who was really being fooled was Hans […] To him they promised everything, and he fell for it. […] Hans and thousands of others like him, all playing a sucker’s game. They gambled with other people’s liberty, and of course they lost their own – a nation of suckers.”

Seriously, Hans. Get your shit together, buddy.

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