Brandy-Soaked Mincemeat Pies From The Pie Shoppe


We slipped into The Pie Shoppe over the weekend and were loading up on holiday pies (great gifts, dontchaknow) when we took notice of these not-so-little beauties. The mincemeat tarts are 100% vegetarian (made without suet) and loaded up with apricots, raisins, dried blueberries, figs, prunes, dates, candied orange and grapefruit, apples, cranberries, a spice mix that includes ginger, close, nutmeg and cinnamon, and a whole lot of Clovis brandy that the French girls recently brought back from Pondicherry. Mellowing enough to put Ed Grimley to bed on Christmas Eve.

$4 each or $25 for an 8″ | The Pie Shoppe | 1875 Powell St. | Hastings-Sunrise |


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