Five Vancouver Cocktails That Will Keep You Warm Over The Long Dark Of Winter


by Talia Kleinplatz | If our recent snowfall is any indication, winter is here and with it comes the holiday season. Luckily for us, local bartenders are mixing and shaking up some delightful cocktails to warm us up for it all. Here are some of our current favourites for your ranking consideration…

Northwinds | Yew At The Four Seasons | 791 West Georgia St. |
As always, you can depend on Yew to be serving up their Cog Nog in a classic moose mug, but if you’re looking to change things up, why not give Northwinds a try? A cross between a classic Manhattan and an Old Fashioned, this sipper incorporates whiskey, Haskap liqueur and spiced black tea.

Keyser Soze | Crowbar | 649 Kingsway |
Named for the infamous and illusive Usual Suspects nemesis, this seasonal cocktail brings together smoked whiskey, apple and sherry. The flavours marry to create a unique and complex cocktail that certainly lives up to its namesake. And just like that…poof…it’s gone!

True North | Reflections Pop-Up | 801 West Georgia St. |
While usually a spring/summer hot-spot, this year Reflections Garden Terrace at the Hotel Georgia is hosting a winter wonderland pop-up with a menu to match. Try the True North, a grown-up hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings to satisfy the kid in you.

Morning Milk Punch | The Keefer Bar | 135 Keefer St. |
If you’re a fan of eggnog but find the eggs and cream to be a bit rich, why not pop into the Keefer and try the milk punch. Their variation on a classic southern holiday drink brings together the flavours of whiskey, almond milk and Amaro Montenegro.

Beginners Luck | Lobby Lounge at Fairmont Pacific Rim | 1038 Canada Pl. |
No holiday celebration is complete without a glass of bubbles and the Beginners Luck at The Lobby Lounge is sure to scratch that itch. Their modern take on a classic French 75 incorporates sherry to bring new depth to an otherwise light and festive cocktail.


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  1. Keefer is really the only option because Crowbar is still way to new to get into and the other three are overpriced hotel bars.


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