Scout’s Treve Ring Makes A ‘Sekt Tape’ With The Wine Anorak, Dr. Jamie Goode

That’s right. Scout wine editor Treve Ring has gone and released a Sekt Tape. We always knew she was special! In this new collaborative series with The Wine Anorak, Dr. Jamie Goode, she is travelling and tasting around the globe. Treve and Jamie want to share wine stories in a fresh way, making full use of social media, words, pictures and video. Clips range from short blips with one producer to full-on, 30 minute films. It’s two serious (major geeky) journalists on the road, tracking down authenticity in people, place and wines and telling their stories in an accessible, unpretentious way.


Their Sekt Tape and its accompanying article are the first in a series of these collaborations. Clips on the Douro, Bordeaux and Madeira have been shot, and the duo have a series of adventures queued up for 2017.

Here is the trailer for their Sekt Tape (the link for the full film is here). Germans drink a quarter of the world’s production of sparkling wine, and a lot of it is Sekt. But Sekt today is most often a low-grade industrial product. This wasn’t always the case: back in the 19th Century, Sekt was very important, and Germans were instrumental in establishing some of France’s leading Champagne houses. Treve and Jamie’s articles highlight top traditional method Sekt producers and supply dozens of tasting notes for adventurous drinkers.


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