Vancouver Would Be Cooler If It Had A Cocktail Bar Outfitted With Hammocks


The point of VWBCI is to open local minds to outside practices, concepts, and ideas that might stand to improve our greater civic situation in a parallel universe where coolness was valued more than practicality and funds spent on public works of art were raised by way of a special NIMBY tax levied against serial complainers.


(via) We’re digging the concept of this Barcelona juice bar designed by Egue & Seta. Beyond a couple of unique nooks and stationary bikes for seating, the rest of the room is dedicated to hammocks. It’s quite the ‘hang out’ (I am so sorry). How it would translate in Vancouver from a financial feasibility perspective is tricky, as each hammock appears to fit one person in an area that could otherwise accommodate a table of two. Despite this, we sure like the hell out of it as a seating concept and we’re super jealous that Vancouver doesn’t have something similar. Perhaps it would be more fiscally justifiable and better serve our city if it were re-conceived as a cocktail bar. It might even prove symbolic if the proposed changes to our liquor laws are this relaxed.

cafe-counter-291116-1028-07-1 cafe-counter-291116-1028-07 cafe-design-291116-1027-03 creative-cafe-seating-291116-1027-06 modern-hammock-cafe-291116-1027-02 modern-juicebar-291116-1027-04-1 round-reading-nook-91116-1027-05

Photography by VICUGO FOTO

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  1. I could only imagine the horror of staff when a burb panzer full of the granville shitshow shows up to this fine establishment and decides to spill their endless all over the fine hammocks.

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