Texas Lawyers Write A Song About Weed Possession

(via) The ballot-initiative victories earlier this month in the USA were good news to Americans keen on the legalisation of marijuana. One more state where the potential for decriminalisation is in the works is Texas, but lawyers from the firm of Hutson & Harris nevertheless felt compelled to warn citizens of the Lone State State that it’s still illegal. They did so through song; an original composition (performed by the lawyers themselves) reminding people that possession is just a misdemeanour but eating or throwing away weed in front of police elevates the offense to a felony for evidence tampering. Some lyrics:

Moving down the road
You’re driving pretty slow
Cuz you got some marijuana on you.

You really love pot
And it’s not a whole lot
Just an ounce, or maybe 2.

UH-OH – red and blues,
They’re flashing In your rear-view,
You pull off to the shoulder….

(Please Don’t’) Eat Your Weed,
‘Cuz It’s Only a Class B,

You get a little manic,
And then you start to panic,
Cuz You’ve never been in trouble before.

As the officer approaches,
You try to eat your roaches,
And you throw your weed out the door.

OH NO the cop sees you,
Cuz that’s what he’s trained to do,
And now you’re in Big trouble

Catchy stuff!

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