A Functioning, Unofficial DIY ‘Apple Mirror’ That Uses iOS 10

(via) Normally we wouldn’t use CTWW to pimp Apple tech, but this is some unofficial DIY action, and it’s pretty cool. It’s well known that the Cupertino company has been making feints into home device integration but some developers are accelerating that slow intro on their own and are making some next-level shit already. To wit, dig this functioning “Apple Mirror”. It works like an enormous reflective iPad using iOS 10, which is to say that in addition to allowing you to see your pearly whites as you brush them you can also communicate via text or email, check the weather, browse the web, watch the news, update your Facebook status, play music, Tweet and much more. It’s most certainly bathroom requirement overkill, but it’s also revealingly meta, as it shows us – to us – how ridiculous we look when fixating on tech. Check the demo above…

The idea first came to designer Rafael Dymek when he saw his girlfriend in a scramble to find her phone while getting ready in front of the mirror.


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