Paris Bar Successfully Predicts US Election Results

(via) If you’re especially nervous about tomorrow’s US Presidential Election, delete FiveThirtyEight from your bookmarks, make yourself a French 75 and relax. According to the venerable Harry’s New York Bar in Paris, it’s not looking good for Trump…

Established in 1911, Harry’s New York Bar in Paris’ 2nd arrondissement is one of the oldest cocktail bars in Europe and the birthplace of such iconic drinks as the Bloody Mary and French 75. But Harry’s has a less well known tradition of hosting a straw vote for the U.S. presidential elections, which has only twice since 1924 failed to predict its outcome. Who will win this year?

According to Harry’s rather unscientific (but no less successful) prediction model, it’s Hillary by a landslide.

UPDATE: So much for that bullshit…

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