Photo Exhibition Gets In Close To The Floating Behemoths That Visit Our Shores

by Andrew Morrison | For many years now one of our family past-times is to count the freighters parked in Burrard Inlet. There’s usually about a dozen or so out there, just waiting for the green light to enter the Port of Vancouver. I believe the record sits at 17, which likely includes a couple ships in transit (our kids would know for sure but they’re at school). A few times I’ve been able to get close up to them on a fishing boat as we’ve made our way up towards Howe Sound, but mostly the love affair has been from a distance, usually from Spanish Banks or Dundarave Pier, and very occasionally from the air. OFFSHORE – Floating Topographies gets us in even closer. The new exhibition of works by award-winning photographer Rui Nunes at the Vancouver Maritime Museum provides us with birds-eye views of the behemoths, and they are something to behold. The show kicked off on Oct. 13 and runs until Jan. 3.

This, not to be missed, OFFSHORE series is an ongoing catalog of the ships that pass into the Port of Vancouver. As seen from above, these fantastically detailed photographs (many are 2 metres in length) reveal the vast scale of these manmade landscapes.

Rui is an award-winning photographer whose work has been exhibited and published internationally. An extension of his work as an architect, his photographic projects focus on constructed landscapes.

Each photographic series explores how the built world reveals the culture and values of the society from which it emerged. Rui is currently a Director of Architecture at Henriquez Partners Architects.

Vancouver Maritime Museum – TeeKay Gallery | 1905 Ogden Avenue, Vancouver, BC | DETAILS


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