First Taste Of The Arbor — Coming Soon To 3941 Main St.


by Andrew Morrison | If you’re not already super stoked for the coming of The Arbor, let me introduce you to their spaghetti and meatballs, their pulled pork bao buns, their southern fried chicken, and their insanely good burgers and fries. Let the record show, however, that the meatballs are actually meatless (made with a good mushroom/nut mix), the pulled pork is actually jackfruit, the chicken is really artichoke, and the burgers – despite bewitchingly convincing taste, texture and appearance – are 100% vegan. I don’t usually surrender to faux trickery, but wow…

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The upcoming new restaurant project from Shira Blustein and Scott Lewis (owners of the award-winning Acorn vegetarian restaurant next door on Main Street) and ex-Farmer’s Apprentice frontman/wine guy Paul McCloskey is still very much under construction at 3941 Main Street. The opening date remains up in the air (could be two weeks, a month or more), but they hosted a special luncheon with Here There and ceramicist Maggie Boyd on Sunday afternoon, leaving attendees with the first tastes of the awesomeness to come.

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  • IMG_3578
  • IMG_5415
  • IMG_5524
  • At the pass | The Arbor
  • IMG_4126
  • Cocktail time at The Arbor
  • The Arburger
  • IMG_5411
  • IMG_5513
  • The Arbor
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  • IMG_5466
  • IMG_5380
  • IMG_5403
  • IMG_5494
  • IMG_5441
  • IMG_5389
  • IMG_4208
  • Fries | The Arbor
  • Platter of Bao | The Arbor
  • Burgers & Fries | The Arbor
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  • IMG_4144
  • IMG_4287
  • IMG_5400
  • IMG_4341
  • IMG_5432
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  • IMG_4402
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  • IMG_4175
  • IMG_4191
  • IMG_4082
  • IMG_5502
  • IMG_4242
  • IMG_4397
  • IMG_4368
  • IMG_4145
  • Bao Buns | The Arbor
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  • IMG_5382


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  1. Here is a much needed place for those of us who love to be treated well and to treat our health well.
    Nothing missing in taste or treasure.
    May you enjoy greater success than ever.

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