Virtuous Pie



583 Main St. | Vancouver, BC | V6A 2V1
Telephone: 604.620.0060 | Email:
Web: | Twitter | Instagram
Sunday – Thursday: 11am – 10pm | Friday – Saturday: 11am – 11pm


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The People


Jim Vesal – Director of Culinary
Lia Loukas – Director of Marketing
Matthew Blandy – Executive Chef
Thomas Davidson-Park – General Manager
Maxine Sullivan-Phillips – Assistant General Manager



Virtuous Pie offers a delicious range of plant-based pizza and ice cream that tastes great, is good for you, and supports a healthy planet. Our mission is to change the way people eat, and mobilize positive change in the world—one slice (or scoop!) at a time.

Visit us for a quick lunch in or take it boxed to go—our handcrafted pizzas take only 6 minutes from the time you order—or come stay awhile, pair a drink with your pizza, and finish with a scoop of our daily feature ice cream flavours.

We are dedicated to great taste and quality which is why we make all of our nut-based cheese, three-day dough, seasonal salads, small batch ice cream and other feature ingredients all in house.

Elements of our menu will be influenced by seasonality – this includes our salads (that are all made gluten free), ice cream flavours, and limited time pizzas – while our core pizzas will remain as signature menu items.

We are aware of all the dietary issues people are faced with today so we are consciously acting on this and offering as many alternative options as we can so everyone can enjoy the simple pleasures of pizza and ice cream!

Our alternatives include:
GF Crust (allergen free – does not include soy)
Allergen Free Nut-based Cheeses (Cashew Mozzarella, Truffle Almond Ricotta)
Nut Free Ice Cream (only coconut based)
GF* Ice Cream options (*Please ask for GF options of the day)
GF Ice Cream Cones

Alongside all this pizza and ice cream, we are excited to partner with various local beverage partners to serve a variety of craft beers by the bottle, organic wine on tap, kombucha and cold brew coffee on tap, craft soda, and cold pressed juice.


We’ve been lucky to have met some great friends and they’ve shared some wonderful words:

“Could Virtuous Pie be a “gateway drug” to a world of plant-based eating? Sure. But what’s more important is that they serve really delicious, beautifully crafted food, that just happens to be vegan.” – Rebecca Coleman, Dailyhive

“Paired with cold kombucha (on tap), was an experience – a naughty thrill a bite – far better than the other pies I tried (a distant second being the one with Costco-esque kimchi and cashew “mozzarella”) and not because it kept the meat-pretending to a believable minimum. It was just a well-conceived, well-executed pizza that would likely do well on any menu, virtuous or not. “ – Andrew Morrison, SCOUT Magazine

“My first glance at this eight-item pie menu left me salivating….. Of all the vegan pizza spots I’ve tried, Virtuous Pie is the least ‘stereotypically vegan’ by far.  Rumour has it, their IT guy took an entire week before realizing he hadn’t been eating animal products.” – Erin Ireland, Metro News

“The restaurant is just one of a growing crop of local eateries that are proving that plant-based fare is bursting with tasty possibilities.” – Gail Johnson, Georgia Straight

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