Its A Natural Amphitheatre For Amazing Sunsets


Describing a sunset as “cool” is cringe-worthy, low-hanging fruit picking, right? The sun sets every goddamn day and it’s usually a beautiful affair, you doofus. But we’re not talking about sunsets per se; we’re singling out the geography that frames them. Our sunsets are typically seen from some pretty kick ass vantage points. When it’s not raining, they take on the quiet character of religious events at English Bay or Kits Beach. Why? Because these spots are within a natural amphitheatre of sorts, a west-facing croissant of waterfront that allows us to trace the orb’s lateral descent above the water all the way from Wreck Beach to Lighthouse Park. The positioning – as Instagram reminds us almost every night – is picture perfect, with Burrard Inlet acting as the sun’s dancefloor. If our coordinates somehow shifted and we lost the dramatic over-water drop of the sun, it just wouldn’t be the same.

  • Rough Seas ©ScoutMagazine
  • Stanley Park Morning ©ScoutMagazine
  • Dundarave Beach sunset
  • IMG_9311
  • Readers F.C. & C.W. | Bidwell St. | English Bay | Vancouver, BC | 7:20pm
  • Reader A. F | False Creek | 7:45am
  • Sunset, July 25th | West Vancouver, BC
  • July 2015
  • L.G. | The West End | 8:00am
  • West Side sunset. #pointgrey
  • Jericho Beach
  • Sunday supper sunset.
  • What a beautiful end to a slightly soggy day. #kitsbeach #seawall
  • Chinatown rooftop sunset, August long weekend.
  • Crab Park
  • IMG_7756
  • Kits Beach at Sunset
  • Early Morning Mist in False Creek | Olympic Village
  • English Bay
  • Burrard Street Bridge sunset.
  • Kits Beach sunset
  • Inner Harbour Sunset, Eastvan
  • Vancouver
  • English Bay
  • Dundarave Beach at Sunset #nofilter


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