Capable, Comfortable And Cool: ‘Carp Bento Box’ In Mount Pleasant


by Marhsall To | Carp Bento Box can be found across the street from bizarre-beloved Kingsgate Mall in Mt. Pleasant. The quaintly small and unassuming sushi restaurant seats squeezes in about 15 people in a cozy room dressed in red, white and blue. It’s better looking than most cheap sushi joints, and with its jarringly bright plates and accenting motif of cute cartoon characters (from the namesake Japanese baseball team, the Hiroshima Toyo Carp) it exudes a playful irreverence that’s easy to get on board with.

The quick service eatery is only a year old, but they’ve got things figured out. The menu is as simple and straight forward as it needs to be for a quick-service, two-person operation. Ready made cold ramen salads and a variety of bento boxes are good for the occasional grab and go (note that it fills up fast, especially at peak meal times, so seats aren’t guaranteed), but be patient and sit for a variety of well executed (if standard) rolls, cones, sashimi and nigiri. For something a little different, try the vibrant Tuna Poke bowl with its fresh tuna and perfectly done rice, or the impactful Japanese curry rice bowl.

Carp | 2516 Prince Edward Street | Open 11:30am – 9pm, Monday – Saturday | WEB

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