A Perfect Summer Feast At JoieFarm’s Idyllic ‘Picnique’


On a recent whirl around the Okanagan we stopped in at Naramata’s beautiful JoieFarm to avail ourselves of their unbelievably idyllic Picnique. The sprawling al fresco dream comes complete with adirondack chairs and picnic blankets overlooking the vineyards, plus a shaded deck, fully staffed up tasting room, outdoor cabana bar and wood-burning pizza oven — altogether a pretty awesome summer situation. We sipped on refreshing Plein du Vie sparkling rosé and really leaned into some hot pizzas and toasted sandwiches, among them a lovely Neapolitan disc of white anchovy, fennel and coppa, and a deliciously smoky tuna loin single decker smeared with slippery caper and olive aioli. If you find yourself exploring the Okanagan this summer, aim here and take your sweet time.

Picnique is open daily 11:30am to 4:30pm | 250-496-0922 | 2825 Naramata Road | www.joiefarm.com

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