Pop-Up Cook Abdallah El Chami On Turning Up The Molten Lava Cake


by Ken Tsui | Definitive Records asks interesting folks to pick the three albums that anchor their musical tastes. Today we hear from Abdallah El Chami, a pop-up cook who channels his personal story and Lebanese heritage through The Dallah Menu. Catch Dallah in action at his next pop-up, Cantina Beirut II with proceeds supporting the next generation of Special Olympians and athletes.

1. | Kanye West – College Dropout | LISTEN | “You can still hear the echo of ‘I have what it takes and I’m going to prove it’ of Kanye’s attitude. It was high school for me when College Dropout dropped and friendships were solidified on the ability to recite Get ‘Em High verbatim. And just when I thought All Falls Down couldn’t get any better, I discovered the demo version featuring a sample from Lauryn Hill’s live performance of Mystery of Iniquity. A masterpiece that takes you home. It’s the double cheeseburger on a sesame seed bun with a strawberry milkshake; the kind of meal you wish didn’t end.”

2. | Daft Punk – Discovery | LISTEN | “If there is any group that can take you through the past to get to the future, it’s this legendary French duo. Their funky and transcendent sound is something I return to whenever I’m working on something that needs a bit of creative design. There are few albums that can help get you out of your head, and when I get deep into Discovery, it feels like a supercharged daydream. It’s the duck confit of music.”

3. | D’Angelo – Brown Sugar | LISTEN | “Baby. Making. Music. Look, sometimes you need to turn down the lights, and get on Tinder… Just playing. I’ve always loved jazzy R&B, but D’Angelo took it to another level. This album laid the groundwork for so many R&B artists, and in a world of cynicism and superficial satisfaction, it makes you want to return to being a hopeless romantic. It’s like a Molten Chocolate Lava Cake for your ears.”

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