Mark Brand Digs Deep Into The Crates For His Most Essential Albums


Definitive Records asks interesting Vancouverites to pick the three most important albums that anchor their musical tastes. Today we hear from restaurateur, social entrepreneur, and lifelong slayer of wax Mark Brand.

Schooly D – Saturday Night | LISTEN | “This record made me adore Rap music. It was the first big release with a TR-909 sampler. The beats crafted out of it made us break our necks and made me break my dads belt drive turntable trying to scratch for the first time (I got my first shortly after ). It was also the soundtrack to my favourite movie, The King Of New York and Schooly is from Philly. He had sold 100k copies in NYC before anyone figured that out. Triple OG.”

Låpsley – Long Way Home | LISTEN | “I’ve had a tendency to devour new music in a much more disposable manner for years now. Often I spit it out and return to classics for daily listening. This record literally made me stop that nonsense and start looking for new music properly again. This 19 year old is fucking crazy talented, see her live, see her often, buy this record for you and everyone you like.”

SADE – SADE | LISTEN | “Can I cheat this with 45s? I’m doing it. Saying Sade is like making the noise only dogs can hear, but only the best fucking musicians and fans in the world can hear it. To everyone else it sounds like Muzak TM. This woman is responsible for so many incredible artists, over 4 decades, just ask them. She’s also responsible for a quarter of each generations babies, I’m certain of it.”


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