An Awesome No-Tree Treehouse Built Into A Boundary Wall


(via) What do you do when you really want to build a kickass treehouse but your property doesn’t have any trees on it? You think outside the tree. That’s exactly what Saperlipopette Les Architectes and Martial Marquet did for a client when they built “Casa No Muro” in Albergaria dos Dozes, Portugal. It’s a linear, treeless treehouse built into a wall that runs the length of the property, and it comes complete with its own netted walkway/platforms, access ladder, and angular cabin — altogether a pretty awesome set up! Check out the video and images below:

Casa-no-muro-Play-house-Martial-Marquet-2 Casa-no-muro-Play-house-Martial-Marquet-5 Casa-no-muro-Play-house-Martial-Marquet-8 Casa-no-muro-Play-house-Martial-Marquet-9 Casa-no-muro-Play-house-Martial-Marquet-12 Casa-no-muro-Play-house-Martial-Marquet-13 Casa-no-muro-Play-house-Martial-Marquet-14 Casa-no-muro-Play-house-Martial-Marquet-15 Casa-no-muro-Play-house-Martial-Marquet-16

Photos by Fernando Guerra

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