‘The Good Spirit’ Metaphysical Shop Ready To Open In Gastown


by Michelle Sproule | The Good Spirit opens Friday (tomorrow) at 309 Cambie Street. The “tastefully curated, modern, metaphysical boutique” comes to Gastown from the effervescent Savannah Olsen of the much-loved Old Faithful Shop around the corner. I stopped in to find out a little more about the concept just as the paper was coming off the windows.

The idea of The Good Spirit is to offer a focused selection of tools to aid in personal spiritual development along with a tarot studio headed by young, inspiring readers. Being more of a facts over feelings and rocks over crystals sort of gal, I have to admit, I had no experience with tarot cards so I walked in blind.

Olsen and one of her card readers (Lorri Clark) walked me through the process, explaining that tarot card readings aren’t about predicting the future; they’re more of a conversation starter — a means of encouraging individuals to find answers from within. You can apply the cards to specific questions or pan out for broader look at paths and direction.

When I asked Savannah about the readers – Lorri Clark, Ian Glass, Jon Yurechko, Margaret Eaton – she explained that everyone has a different style: “Lorri is compassionate and empowering, Ian is direct and intense, Jon is compassionate as well, but is also interesting because tarot card reading is something that runs in his family, and he also reads palms. And Margaret is an aboriginal elder/woman who will be hosting workshops as well card reading.” Further detail:

Tarot Services | All tarot and divinatory services are provided for entertainment purposes only. If scheduling permits you may extend or change your reading at the time for further insight at the rate of $25 per 10 minutes.

10 minute mini reading: Fun. A clearing of mental fog. A glimpse into one area that may be standing in your way. Can also offer insight into choosing between two separate paths. $25

20 minute reading: A better option if you are looking for a general reading of your current life energy and where you are headed. Will primarily consist of a Tarot Reading but your practitioner may also use other divination means and energy healing as they see fit. $50

30 minute reading: The most thorough option to get a fuller read on your current life energy. This reading allows you to receive detailed insight into the items may be standing in your way. Will primarily consist of a Tarot Reading but your practitioner may also use other divination means and energy healing as they see fit. Will also include a period at the end for individual “smaller” questions if timing is available. $75

Visit The Good Spirit on opening day this Friday, April 29th or call to book 778-379-5456.

The Good Spirit | Mon-Sat, 11-7 & Sun 11-5 | 309 Cambie Street | 778-379-5456 | Instagram


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