A Deep Sea Blue Cyanotype By Campbell + Killough At Field Contemporary


by Avalon Mott | The city’s collective dream – sunshine – may have come true this week, but it’s usually a different story, one that sees us craving Vitamin D. Opening today – Friday, April 1 – at 7pm, at FIELD Contemporary is the aptly titled Do You Dream of Sunshine When You Sleep? (Sure Do!) exhibition by Campbell + Killough. Presented in conjunction with the Capture Photography Festival, the show examines the relationship between light, atmosphere, and healing. For it, Campbell + Killough have created completely immersive sensory installations as well as a series of Cyanotypes, all of which are on display. Unlike the traditional bright blue namesake Cyanotypes, these have been left unwashed and so retain a rich, deep­ sea blue tone to them. Incredibly seductive — a truly unique take on the photograph!

Campbell + Killough | Through a Blue Cloud All the Light Looks the Same (4), Cyanotype, 36” x 48”
Price: $500.00 | Gallery: FIELD Contemporary (until April 30) | 17 West Broadway | Mount Pleasant


IMG_6220Avalon Mott is a curator, gallerist and photographer working and living in Vancouver BC. A graduate from ECUAD, she is a founding member and associate director of FIELD Contemporary; and has worked with various artistic centers in the city independently. She is committed to furthering emerging artists in Vancouver, as she thinks there are a lot of damn good artists creating damn good work in this beautiful city of ours. Follow Avalon on Instagram @avalonmott

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