Restaurateur/Wine Pro Tom Doughty’s Surprising Musical Tastes


by Andrew Morrison | Definitive Records asks interesting Vancouverites to pick the three most important albums that anchor their musical tastes. Today we hear from Tom Doughty, a highly respected sommelier, mild-mannered co-owner of award-winning sister restaurants Campagnolo and Campagnolo Roma, and hardcore thrash metalhead. I first met Tom 10 years ago. He was dressed in a suit and tie and running the wine cellar at “C” Restaurant on the False Creek seawall (now Ancora). If you’d asked me to peg his taste in music with three guesses at first glance back then I would have tried Supertramp, Sade, and Stan Getz. Go figure…

Alice Cooper – Welcome To My Nightmare | LISTEN | “It was my older brother’s record and I would sneak it out of his room when I was young and listen to it on my record player. It is an early childhood memory and probably shaped the beginning of things to come!”

Metallica – Kill ’em All | LISTEN | “This was on cassette tape and I played it so much I wore off the ink on the tape; in my Sony ‘Sports’ Walkman, no less! I was also a fledgling bass player so the track Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth) was a total epiphany.”

Slayer – Reign In Blood | LISTEN | “A few years later I got my first cd player and bought this cd. It was thrash metal at its finest. It went on to shape my musical influences in the future. Slayer is still my favourite band to this day.”


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