Golden Spoons & Aging Logs: Chef Kris Barnholden On 3 Key Kitchen Tools


Tradecraft takes Scout readers into the workshops, kitchens, and toolkits of Vancouver’s most talented crafts-people. From trusty pencils and custom-built machines to good luck charms and bespoke chef’s knives, this new column aims to get to the bottom of every creative attachment. No laptops or cellphones allowed!


Today we hear from chef/restaurateur Kris Barnholden of the highly creative, seasonally-focused Latab eatery at 983 Helmcken St. (if you’ve never been before, go!). His attention to detail in the kitchen is in part facilitated by a set of personal tools, three of which he describes below:

1. “Hand crank oil press for making seed and nut oils. It’s been all over the country pressing fresh oils.”

2. “Gold plated kitchen spoon. It’s somewhat ridiculous, but I love it nonetheless.”

3. “Hand-carved vinegar aging log. It was made by my father and charred on the inside; perfect for aging my homemade honey vinegar.”


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