Gastown’s PiDGiN Extending Dine Out Vancouver Festival Menus Until Feb. 10th


The GOODS from Pidgin

Vancouver, BC | After being fully booked throughout 2016’s Dine Out Vancouver festival, PiDGiN is celebrating its success by extending its Dine Out menu through February 10th, 2016. Whether choosing the omnivore or vegetarian menu, guests who missed the first round have an extra week to indulge in the same six-course tasting menu that was available during Dine Out. During this extension week, some favourite dishes will be available from PiDGiN’s regular a la carte and prix fixe menus, in addition to new features by Chef Shin Suzuki. Menus below:

dine out omnivore
$40 per person plus tax and tip
smoked taramasalata / ramen eggs / grilled bread
blistered chinese green beans / salmon roe / red curry /almonds
uni / roasted cauliflower/ duck fat gomae
grilled squid / fennel kimchi / morcilla
beef striploin, smoked beet puree, miso gorgonzola
chocolate mousse, fennel gelee

dine out vegetarian
$40 per person plus tax and tip
daily pickles
shishito peppers
“dan dan” kohlrabi noodle salad, tofu, almonds
mushrooms, snap peas, soy yuzu brown butter
parisienne gnocchi, radishes, radish green pistou, buttermilk ricotta
chocolate mousse, fennel gelée
About Pidgin Vancouver

To book a reservation, please call PiDGiN at 604.620.9400



350 Carrall St. | Vancouver, BC
Hours: Monday to Saturday: 5:00pm-12:00pm | Sunday: 6:00pm-12:00pm
Phone: 604-620-9400 | Email:
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The Team

Brandon Grossutti – Owner/Operator
Alain Canuel – General Manager
Nelson Navasero – Assistant General Manager / Bar Manager
Shin Suzuki – Executive Chef

About PiDGiN


Common cuts rendered sublime. Deceptively simple staples skewed and polished with Asian elegance. Large format family-style ssäm with the attention to detail and flavour usually reserved for highly composed dishes. These are the cornerstones of PiDGiN’s food. Rarely predictable, never overwrought and fussy, always thoughtful, cared for, and prepared with the utmost integrity.

At PiDGiN, there is no need for distinctions between casual and fine dining. A restaurant can be both beautiful and comfortable; cuisine can be at once delicate and approachable. As dining perspectives have changed, so too has the line between east and west. Pidgin’s chefs and owners draw inspiration from their travels and work experience on different continents which is reflected in the restaurant’s design, drinks list and cuisine.

The bar pays its respects to classic cocktails with fresh interpretations that make good use of our region’s fine local bounty. For the more adventurous the taps pour local sake. By the glass and bottle is a tight wine list, bolstered by a well-curated reserve list for those seeking something truly special. Perhaps most exciting is the harmony between kitchen and bar, a collaboration that ensures equal attention to detail and creativity with the ladies and gentlemen behind the wood and stoves.

Craig Stanghetta of Ste. Marie based PiDGiN’s design around the food. Much like the namesake, the design borrows liberally from different schools of thought. Curated ephemera, inverted subway tile and contemporary lighting stand against clean Japanese joinery, simple panel moulding and an intentionally sparse and functional layout. The mandate was to be disparate and somehow achieve balance, much like each dish that leaves the kitchen.

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