On Jedi Knight Foie Gras & Punch Recipes From The 17th Century


by Talia KleinplatzFrom choice teas to lemon to honey to apple cider vinegar, these opera singers share tips and tricks for avoiding and treating a sore throat this winter.

In celebration of Sinatra’s 100th birthday, Esquire shares Old Blue Eyes’ favourite watering holes from Palm Springs to Las Vegas.

With Santa arriving in T-4 days, you may want to get on those milk and cookies. Here’s a list of local bakeries serving up a delectable selection of holiday baked goods to leave out for Ol’ Saint Nick on Christmas Eve.

And in case you need a treat for yourself as well, this pear pie from the ladies at The Pie Shoppe looks too good to pass up. Actually, while you’re there, why not just pick up one in every flavour?

Country-of-origin labels on meat are up for debate in the US after Congress considers a proposal on an ongoing trade dispute between The States and Canada.

Contemporary riffs on classic punch recipes just in time for the holidays. Can we interest you in an updated version of a Hannah Wooley Punch? We’ve had 343 years to perfect it!

And speaking of punch, here’s an excellent tutorial on making Oleo Sacchrum – a sweet and citrusy mixture that is a basic ingredient in many punch recipes.

For all of your party-going needs, these local spots have you covered with prepared dishes that will please guests and save you loads of time. Mmm, that beef tenderloin with herbed mustard and horseradish cream…

On a similar note, if cooking a massive holiday feast isn’t your jam, here’s a handy list of places to pick-up Christmas dinner to go.

And if cooking a massive holiday feast is your jam, here’s a list of delectable side dishes to go with your turkey including roasted squash with sage butter and asiago scalloped potatoes.

La Liste shares its inaugural ranking of the top 1,000 restaurants in the world. 9 Canadian spots made the cut including our very own Hawksworth.

Vancouver has seriously stepped up it’s brunch game in recent years. Weigh in on which weekend spot is your favourite. Did I mention that L’Abattoir does an egg-topped brunch burger?

Eater tracks 11 Star Wars-related foods that shouldn’t exist. The force is not strong with that foie gras…

Ontario’s Niagara wine region gets some love from The New York Times for its chardonnay and pinot noir.

A list of this year’s top new food words. I’m totally a hangry climatarian who is craving piecaken!

Dine Out Vancouver expands to include a series of craft beer themed events this year, including a Brewmaster’s Breakfast and a beer and food pairing tour. You’ll find me at the make-your-own-pizza-and-drink-beer soiree. True story.

Local chefs share their favourite local spots for Dim Sum, among them Dynasty, Dai Tung, and Peaceful.

Eating via instagram honours this week go to La Mezcaleria and this french toast topped with rum and agave salted caramel sauce. I want it (and their recent Mexico adventure) for Christmas.

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring.


O4dRnukXQBazVPfyNJv8NLWWEdnGh27HhY6qMiogAz8 Born and raised in Windsor, Ontario, Talia Kleinplatz fell in love with food at the apron strings of her mother and grandmother whose kitchens wafted the intoxicating aromas of fresh dill, homemade pies and painstakingly slow-cooked brisket. She completed her degrees at Concordia and McGill, graduating with a Master’s in Social Work in 2009. Her six years in Montreal taught her to eat well but it was her move to Vancouver in 2011 that taught her to drink well. In 2013 she launched her award-winning cocktail blog, Two For The Bar. She lives in South Granville with her husband and her three-legged, curmudgeonly cat.

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