A Steaming Won Tun Soup At Five Elements On The Drive


It’s days like today – when the clouds above Vancouver can’t decide between rain and snow – that we tend to crave warm, comforting familiarities. It’s also a time of year that sees us pinching pennies on all fronts except one: presents. In this, the mad rush of the third week of December, it’s important to remember to give yourself one, and an affordable one at that. This won tun soup from Five Elements, a no frills pan-Asian (mostly Thai/Vietnamese) cafe on The Drive, really hit the mark: piping hot, restorative, intensely flavoured, and merrily cheap at $4 a bowl.

Five Elements Cafe | 1046 Commercial Dr. | Vancouver, BC | 604-559-5938 | www.fiveelementscafe.com


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