Ramen, Dan Dan, And Pho – Oh My! Where To Find Vancouver’s Essential Noodles


By way of geography and circumstance, Vancouver has long been in an ideal position to gather up the noodle knowledge of the Pacific Rim. Whether they’re dragging noodles, long noodles, pushing noodles, round noodles, cutting noodles, skinny or fat, we do it all here, and by all we mean alkaline, egg, wheat, rice, mung bean…the lot. Here are five that can’t be missed for your ranking consideration…

Dan Dan Noodles | Fat Mao | 217 East Georgia St. | CHINATOWN | www.fatmaonoodles.com
Sichuan spiced and not over the top with the peanuts, this intensely flavoured, minced pork-laden revelation is a delicious punch in the face. For those who like heat with substance! $8.99

Bun Ga Dac Biet | Mr. Red | 2234 East Hastings St. | HASTINGS SUNRISE | No Website
A lusciously aromatic noodle soup brightened with cilantro, kaffir lime leaf, and cilantro. Comes loaded with vermicelli noodles, shrooms, shredded chicken and pork balls. $8

Classic | The Ramen Butcher | 223 East Georgia St. | CHINATOWN | www.theramenbutcher.com
The super thin, house-made noodles here make it a weekly go-to. This one has rich tonkotsu (pork) broth with pickled ginger, dried shrooms, and salty slices of pork. Best in town? Arguable. Our fave? Definitely. $8.95

Laksa | Laksa King | 2546 East Hastings St. | HASTINGS SUNRISEwww.laksaking.ca
Restorative bowls of Burmese signature spicy noodle soup with prawn, fish ball, tofu puff, hard-boiled egg, chicken in coconut broth. So much flavour it’s almost ridiculous. | $8.75

A16 | Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle | 3313 Shrum Ln. | WEST SIDE | www.chefhungnoodle.com
Chef Hung’s noodles are recognised as some of the best on the planet, so it’s hard to go wrong here. The undersung A16 sees thinly sliced fatty beef with flat noodles in a bold, beefy broth. $12.95

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