On Top Marks For Ancora And What To Do With Your Chartreuse


by Talia Kleinplatz | Yes! We have no bananas (aka: a banana-eating fungus that threatens the existence of everyone’s favourite source of potassium).

The owner of a chef-driven food truck in Washington, DC dishes on the 10 things he’s learned about the trade for The Food Republic (some interesting parallels to Vancouver).

A few innovative ways to incorporate Chartreuse into some of your favourite holiday libations.

One year in, a food truck owner reflects on some of the most important lessons learned including keeping it simple and the merits of social media.

Eater takes a look inside the new, casual Noma off-shoot 108 in Copenhagen. Due to open in January.

False Creek’s Ancora wins praise from Alex Gill for its vision, ambition and innovative flavours.

Moo: Alexandre Polmard’s vintage Blonde Aquitaine cote de boeuf from the year 2000 will set you back $3,200.

Vancouver-based Cahoots syrups make for an excellent addition to your home bar. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be sipping on a Lavender Gin Sour.

Maenam’s Angus An opens his second restaurant this year and Freebird Chicken Shack sounds like it’s worth the trek to New West. For those hoping to stay a little closer to home, there’s always Fat Mao.

How some cities are transforming annoying parking tickets into holiday good-will.

The Parkside Brewery set to open in Port Moody this spring. Renovations underway, brewery dog already secured.

From cookies to brittle to bread, Food and Wine has you covered on all of your holiday baking needs.

Save time and make friends with holiday-ready punch recipes.

Missing your mojitos and margaritas? Here are some simple tricks to transform your favourite summer cocktails into winter-ready sippers.

Everybody and their mom wants to work for Danny Meyer since he banned tipping in his restaurants and here’s why.

From Massachusetts to California, here are America’s best burgers by state. The 60/40 Prime Juicey Lucy is just a hop, skip and a jump away and looks too good to pass up.

Holiday Goals: 1) Make my first buche de noel. 2) Try not to eat it all myself. 3) Consider a visit to Cafe Salade de Fruits.

Single Thread is set to open in Sonoma in 2016 and here are all the reasons you should be excited.

From hospital trays to shooter trays; the history of J-E-L-L-O.

Sure, you’ve heard of bechamel and hollondaise, but can you name the mother sauces of Spain? Let’s start with Sofrito and take it from there.

Eating via Instagram honours this week go to local writer/photographer @shiramcd for plating/eating a veggie rainbow. And that hummus. Wow! Find words with her photos on her blog, In Pursuit of More.

Looking for work in the food and drink industry? Check out who’s hiring.


O4dRnukXQBazVPfyNJv8NLWWEdnGh27HhY6qMiogAz8 Born and raised in Windsor, Ontario, Talia Kleinplatz fell in love with food at the apron strings of her mother and grandmother whose kitchens wafted the intoxicating aromas of fresh dill, homemade pies and painstakingly slow-cooked brisket. She completed her degrees at Concordia and McGill, graduating with a Master’s in Social Work in 2009. Her six years in Montreal taught her to eat well but it was her move to Vancouver in 2011 that taught her to drink well. In 2013 she launched her award-winning cocktail blog, Two For The Bar. She lives in South Granville with her husband and her three-legged, curmudgeonly cat.

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