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Chill-Winston-Logo_black3 Alexander Street | Gastown | Vancouver, BC
Telephone: 604-288-9575 | Email:
Web: | @chillwinston
Open weekdays from 11:30am and for weekend brunch from 11am till late.

Always original, Chill Winston is a palate-teasing, locavore-loving, meant-for mingling Gastrolounge. A blend of the unexpected – modern yet rustic fare, chill yet animated vibes, unique yet approachable design. Paired with its naughty little sister, Guilt & Co. Live Music Lounge, it’s an entire night out — any kind of night out — at one address.


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Derek Bothwell, Executive Chef
Diana Cervenka, Manager
Sonia Bozzi, Partner
Jordan Stewart, Partner



Fiercely independent and passionately unique, Chill Winston is proud to be its own thing. The Gastown anchor opened in 2006, and since then has offered an effortless mix of gastronomy and bonhommie served up in a unique space that’s equal parts comfort and cool, vibrant and laid-back. From tattoos to suits, (bison or veggie) burgers to octopus, Chill Winston offers dining at every altitude – from high top stools to low rise couches, from elongated communal table to patio round. Visit Chill Winston for lunch, dinner or weekend brunch and discover what’s #BeyondThePatio.

Farm to Fork | Chill Winston is proud to partner with not-for-profit Earthwise Society. Based in Delta, two-acre certified organic farm is part of a community-based agricultural movement that is revolutionizing our food system.

From candy-cane beets and fragrant fennel to fairytale eggplant and Red Russian kale, Earthwise exclusively grows produce for Chill Winston. The restaurant’s ongoing support helps fund Earthwise’s volunteer and education programs. Far from simply purchasing their produce, Bothwell’s brigade visits the farm regularly to turn, till, plant and harvest the crops.

“For most restaurants, a supplier might drop off 10 pounds of beans in big boxes,” Chef Bothwell says.

Unless you’ve picked 10 pounds of beans yourself, and you see how long it takes and how much effort goes into it, you don’t have as much appreciation for them. Our staff wants to be a part of that; we go out to the farm on a volunteer basis. That’s something I want to nurture. “

“Plus, the food tastes amazing,” he adds. “The heirloom tomatoes are grown by a couple in their 80s, who are also volunteers. They are the best tomatoes I’ve ever tasted.”

Bringing in produce from the farm also helps Chef Bothwell support the slow-food movement, a global, grassroots effort aimed at linking the pleasure of good food with a commitment to their community and the environment.

Where’s the Beef? | Chill Winston Chef Derek Bothwell is not one to stay satisfied with the status quo.

Rather, Bothwell regularly features specialty items like buffalo, kangaroo, and alligator on the Gastown anchor’s menu.

“I like pushing the limits,” says Bothwell, who began using unique meats because of health and sustainability reasons. An alternative source of protein, they’re lean, rich in flavour, and packed with nutrients.

“Everyone can do beef tenderloin, but not a lot of Vancouver chefs are experienced in cooking kangaroo or ostrich well,” the Red Seal chef says.

“I love their unique texture and colour,” he adds. “Plus they’re a healthier way to eat than beef.” Bothwell sources his wild game and specialty products from Hills Foods, which also carries deer, wild boar, elk, and wild northern caribou.

An all-in-one night out | Typically in Vancouver, if you want to make a night of it with friends or a date, you might go for dinner somewhere then have to find another spot for a cocktail over live music, a club where you’ll have to pay a cover charge. Not at Chill Winston and Guilt & Co. combined.

Settle in for dinner at Chill Winston, where Chef Derek Bothwell dishes up local, seasonal, diverse fare, from bison short ribs to crusted halibut to gourmet Mac n’ Cheese. When you’re ready, slip downstairs to Guilt & Co., which is right underneath, for some live soul, R&B, hip hop, or folk, offered seven nights a week. Enjoy your live music with real stemware and a selection of craft beer, fine wine, creative cocktails, and smooth Scotch.

Two completely different experiences, each extraordinary, all at one address.

Not-so-niche | Not sure what mood you’re in? Have friends who are omnivores, vegans, gluten-free, ravenous, picky, dessert lovers, or who consider themselves “foodies”? Then Chill Winston is your spot.

What makes it work is the culinary savvy of Red Seal Chef Derek Bothwell and his carefully chosen team members. You’ll find local, seasonal, organic fare that’s creative and abundantly flavourful but not pretentious.

The menu, which changes twice yearly, features everything from duck salad and charcuterie to fried chicken and flatbread pizza. It offers something for everyone, each item made with a passion for good food and a commitment to quality. That’s something everyone can agree on.

Plus with several different seating configurations, and a private dining room for 12-20, at Chill Winston it’s easy to choose your mood.


Jess Fleming, VancityBuzz: “A vibrant yet laid back atmosphere, creative…morning cocktails, and an uncomplicated menu make Chill Winston an excellent weekend brunch choice.”

Rebecca Coleman, Brunchcouver: “I think Chill Winston is one of those Vancouver restaurants that has established itself so firmly in the psyche of the city, that we forget to check up on it. People always want to go to the latest new restaurant, but Chill Winston is more than a fad, it’s a great friend that anticipates what you like, and never disappoints.”

Lisa Wilton, Avenue Magazine: “The patio is one of the best and liveliest in the city and offers excellent people watching and maximum sun exposure.”

Tara Lee, Georgia Straight: “Chill Winston’s patio dominates Maple Tree Square in Gastown so it’s a convenient meeting spot for those who live in the neighbourhood; plus, it serves farm-to-table fare.”

Andree Lau, Huffington Post Canada: “Superior people watching in historic Gastown…With a simple fence and a good amount of seating, it is one of my favourite patios in the summer season. There is never a dull moment here!”

Sheri Radford, Where Magazine: “Locavores love Chill Winston. The Gastown restaurant…has partnered with Earthwise Society to grow its own produce…Who knew a local sustainable diet could taste so good?”

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