On Winning Rye, Killer Pho, And The Coming Of Chinatown’s Juniper

by Talia Kleinplatz | Local scribe John Lee explores East Van’s brewing scene for the LA Times.

Mother-daughter duo’s innovative take on a classic Korean dish gives their Arang restaurant in Manhattan legendary post-bar snack status.

When a world renowned baker presents you with the recipe for two types of pie baked within a cake, just say yes and thank you.

From burnt souffle to raw duck, three infamous chefs share their worst kitchen debacles (we’re talking Pati Jinich, Ruth Reichl, and Jacques Pepin). Suddenly, we all feel slightly better about ourselves in the kitchen.

San Francisco is getting an epic hub of Chinese cuisine next year. Think 30,000 sqft of bar, retail, sit-down cafe and restaurant. “The place sounds epic” reports Food Republic. “Think Eataly, but for Chinese food.”

As colder months approach Vancouver chefs share their favourite local spots for Pho (recommendations from Clement Chan, Roger Ma, Nico Schuermans, Sarah Stewart, Joe Chaput, and more).

While many have weighed in on a controversial choice for the best whiskey in the world, Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye is now flying off the shelves.

From best ingredients to bottom lines – Mike Ward (special to the Globe & Mail) looks at how chefs balance the two all while managing to reduce food waste.

Farmers in some of the world’s poorest countries continue to struggle in the face of increased natural disasters placing both food and economic security at risk.

With low-proof cocktails on the rise, Imbibe explains how some brewers are taking the opportunity to create cocktail-inspired beers.

After a six month delay, the much anticipated Juniper will open it’s doors this week. I personally can’t wait to see head barman (and Scout columnist) Shaun Layton behind the stick again!

Esquire has dropped a very useful roundup of 24 cocktails to keep us warm through the cold winter months. Now, if you need me I’ll be sitting by the fire sipping on a Suburban.

With a chalkboard menu and yak tartare, Mia Stainsby finds a balance of charm and innovative edge at Mackenzie Room. Further reading: an interview with co-owner/chef Sean Reeve.

From food pun greeting cards to geometric cutting boards, Eater’s holiday gift guide is a food-lover’s vision of sugarplums.

ICYMI: there’s a sandwich and beer joint set to take over The Parker space in Strathcona/Chinatown, and word is they’ll be serving up pork belly cubanos.

A scientific explanation for my chocolate addiction. Finally! Note: article best consumed with a peanut butter cup and a side of chocolate milk.

Eating via Instgram honours this week go to Homer St. Cafe and this beautifully abundant spread.

Looking for work in the industry? Take a look at who’s hiring now.


O4dRnukXQBazVPfyNJv8NLWWEdnGh27HhY6qMiogAz8 Born and raised in Windsor, Ontario, Talia Kleinplatz fell in love with food at the apron strings of her mother and grandmother whose kitchens wafted the intoxicating aromas of fresh dill, homemade pies and painstakingly slow-cooked brisket. She completed her degrees at Concordia and McGill, graduating with a Master’s in Social Work in 2009. Her six years in Montreal taught her to eat well but it was her move to Vancouver in 2011 that taught her to drink well. In 2013 she launched her award-winning cocktail blog, Two For The Bar. She lives in South Granville with her husband and her three-legged, curmudgeonly cat.

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