New Klee Larsen-Crawford Show Opening Tonight At Strange Fellows Brewing


What are Monday nights for if not craft beer and art appreciation? You made it through the toughest day of the week, now reward yourself with a visit to Strange Fellows Brewery, a tasting flight, a pretzel with mustard, and a few moments in their on-site gallery to enjoy the works of local artist Klee Larsen-Crawford. Dig it:

Pozos arose from Klee Larsen-Crawford’s most recent trip to Mexico, and consists of photos that she made in San Pedro de los Pozos, at the hacienda Jaral de Berro, and in Mexico City. The series is titled after the Spanish word for well, which makes reference to both shooting location and the artist’s fixation on wells themselves: deep, arcane places which, left unattended, can swallow a person whole. Klee is inspired by space and architecture. She is attracted to the dark and abandoned: Pozos is manifestation of her obsession with spaces that have been left to the earth, and what happens to human creation when the people have long gone.”

The exhibition runs October 5th through to November 2nd. Again, opening night is tonight (Monday, October 5th at 7 – 9pm). Honour your Monday properly. See you there.


Monday, October 5 | 7pm | Strange Fellows Brewery | 1345 Clark Drive |


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