Tight Club’s Keighty Gallagher Shares Her Three Favourite Albums


by Grady Mitchell | Definitive Records asks interesting folks to pick the three albums that anchor their musical tastes. Today, Keighty Gallagher from Strathcona’s popular Tight Club shares her go-to pump up workout jams.

Fugees – The Score | LISTEN | “I’ve got to thank my dad for picking this up for the long car rides headed to out of town track meets. I was 11 at the time, and it’s probably the only album I’ve listen to regularly throughout my life. It was the first album that my entire family could get down with and to this date we’ll never think of our white suburban without the fond memories of singing How Many Mics

Sebastian Tellier – Sexuality | LISTEN | “Fast forward to my dreamy college years when I shared a penthouse apartment with my crazy best friend in Portland, Oregon. Sebastian Tellier was my french god and I wanted nothing more but to frolic around with my bestie wearing bathing suits, sipping cheap champagne, strategizing on how to conquer da club. If you watch the video to Roche, you’ll know what I mean.”

Sublime – 40oz. to Freedom | LISTEN | “Bring on the judgement. I don’t care. This album doesn’t find itself on repeat too often, but when I was 13 and growing up in small town Courtenay, Bradley Nowell was my dream lover and living that beach life was my jam. This album came into my world right around the time my parents started giving me a little more freedom, and with freedom came the good times, and life just seemed more chill with a little Sublime in it. lol. Yep, I just said that.”


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