Tucking Into Escapist Moules Frites @ Bistro Wagon Rouge


by Michelle Sproule | Bistro Wagon Rouge provides a reliable (and affordable) escape for those times when you temporarily need to pretend you’re in France. Sit at the bar with a friend, share the daily moules (pictured above in a fabulously aromatic tomato-lemongrass broth) with perfect frites and finish with a cheese plate saddled with honey, nuts, fruit compote, and sips of grapefruity Kanazawa “Nomu”. The moules broth and the cheeses change often so you’ll likely never have the same set-piece twice (they’ve got deliciousness on lock, regardless). Not pictured but awesome: Gehringer Brothers’ Estate Pinot Noir (and a cheeky of Dageraad).

Bistro Wagon Rouge | 1869 Powell St. | Tue – Sat 5pm – 10pm | www.bistrowagonrouge.com


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