Five Awesome Vancouver Restaurants With Queues You Want To Be At The Front Of


Stephosing, or the foolish act of lining up “for something that you ultimately discover is not worth the wait”, is just not something we’re into. Truth be told, we hate queueing for things even when the wait is definitely worth it. But life is not an unbroken boulevard of green lights, so we put down our names and wait at the following five, wishing all the while that they were just a wee bit bigger:

South Granville’s legendary Vij’s for innovative, wine-paired Indian (1); Phnom Penh in Chinatown for butter beef, lemon-garlic fried chicken wings, and literally dozens of other gems (2); Railtown’s Ask For Luigi for casual, quality Italian with excellent service and affordable wines (3); The Acorn on Main Street for superlative and seasonal meatless cooking and highly original cocktails; and Cafe Medina on Richards Street for superb brunches and killer coffee.

Which line would you like most to be at the front of?

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